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SISGEO Australia are the exclusive Sales Office and Distributor for SISGEO Geotechnical Instrumentation products throughout the Oceania market.
We make people happy
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Local Attention.
SISGEO Australia provide local sales, services and support to all our customers in Australia, New Zealand and the Oceania Region.
Providing competitive prices and timely solutions, our local staff will ensure that all of our products meet your requirements
After-Sales Support.
We provide a warm, professional sales approach, accompanied with customised after-sales support and onsite technical assistance.
Quality & Reliability.
All products sold through SISGEO Australia are manufactured in Italy and comply with the standards of quality under ISO 9001: 2008.
"SISGEO Australia forms part of the international SISGEO Group, providing you with localised attention, backed with a global reputation of quality, reliability and innovation."
Delivering Solutions.
In order to deliver solutions that work for your business, we give prominence to people. Acquiring skills and following the ideas of those who work with us, listening and shaping ourselves to fit our customers' needs. Source.
Plan, design and build. These are the ways we improve and simplify work for our customers. We believe that a high level of interaction between customers and operators is essential to feed experience and stimulate creativity.

Delivering Solutions for the Future.

We listen to the Earth with our instruments and we respect it with our manufacturing processes which are designed to reduce any environmental impact.
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